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I would like to acknowledge the earlier work done by Jack Mikula, Rick Mikula, Bethany Homeyer and others in building and maintaining the original IBBA website.

My thanks also go to the many Java programmers who make their software freely available for download from sites such as the Java Boutique

On this web site I have used the following:
JSawPuzzle applet by Wouter Wijtenburg (Let's Learn about Butterflies~Puzzle Corner)

"Picture Memory" applet by Bavo Bruylandt (Let's Learn about Butterflies~Puzzle Corner~Java games & puzzles)
"CodeBrain Slider" applet by (paid version used on Proposed USDA Regulations page)
Other Graphics: Butterfly font (Butterfly Family List page) made available by Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC)

Our special thanks go to Oscar Gutierrez for permitting us to use some of his beautiful butterfly photographs. Check out his web site at

My personal thanks go to Linda Rogers for her tireless support and encouragement.

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