Monarch Migration Watch

Many IBBA members participate in tagging and releasing butterflies and are also lending support to the Adopt-A-Classroom project.

Monarch Watch* In all the world, no butterflies migrate like the Monarchs of North America.

*For more information about the Monarch Watch and Adopt-A-Classroom programs, please visit:

Adopt-A-Classroom* Adopt-A-Classroom is a program that Monarch Watch has initiated to provide educational materials and classroom supplies to the schools within the Monarch Reserve in Mexico.

Small Hands Tag & Release In October 1999 kids at Schnell School in California participated in a national study tracking the migratory patterns of monarch butterflies.

Fairfield Elementary School

Steve and Linda Rogers, with Margarita Perez and Reyna Govea assist with Monarch Watch tag and release project on Friday, October 13, 2000, with Fairfield Elementary School, grades one and three, Fairfield, Texas.

Grapevine "Butterfly Flutter-by"

Jacob Groth's Swallowtail Farms east staff delivered adult butterflies and pupae for the City of Grapevine's Butterfly Flutterby, held October 17 through 21, 2000.

Kathleen Ziemer's Tag & Release A tag and release event for neighborhood kids, September 2000

International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc.

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