PPQ Form 526

(Word 2000 format)

This is a TEST document... Use at your own risk!.

Right-click to download: "Table" version (1.1 Mb): PPQ526 Test Doc
"Plain" Version (1.1 Mb): PPQ526 Test Doc


The original PPQ526 PDF form was printed, scanned, saved as a JPEG picture, and loaded in the Word document as a background "watermark" to enable over-typing.

The "Table" version has some table cells added in red to aid typing. These use some abilities of Word 2000 that may not be supported in earler versions. To "turn off" the table lines prior to printing, right click anywhere within the table, select Table Properties, then Borders and Shading on the Table tab, and click on None in the right-hand column.

If your version of word is unable to use the table version, either delete the table or download the "plain" version, then type freely using TABs or spaces etc to reach the relevant parts of the document.

Feel free to modify this document to suit your own working preferences, then save it for future use.

International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc.

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