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Searching with the Verity search engine can be simple or very powerful. Here are some examples:

Keywords can be UPPERCASE or lowercase, case is ignored.
Enter Keyword(s):
butterflies to find pages containing "butterflies".
butterflies AND moths to find pages containing both "butterflies" and "moths".
butterflies OR moths to find pages containing "butterflies" or "moths" (or both).
butterflies, moths same as OR: pages containing "butterflies" or "moths".
butterflies NOT moths to find pages containing "butterflies" but not "moths".
butterflies moths to find pages containing the phrase "butterflies moths".
AND, OR and NOT can be combined: butterfly and (pupa not chrysalis).
To include a special word such as "and" in a search, include it in quotes:
butterflies "and" moths pages containing the phrase "butterflies and moths"; or
"butterflies and moths" pages containing the phrase "butterflies and moths".
? takes the place of a single character, thus: butter?ly.
* takes the place of any numbere of consecutive characters. Thus: butterfl* will find "butterfly" and "butterflies".
To search for a character that is also a wildcard character, precede it with a backslash. This removes its "special" status. Precede an asterisk with two backslashes.
butterflies\, moths to find pages containing "butterflies, moths".
butterflies\? to find pages containing "butterflies?".
butterflies\\* to find pages containing "butterflies*".

International Butterfly Breeders Association, Inc.

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