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April - May 2003

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05/31/03 Some sample Butterfly Exhibit permit documents have been added to the Permitting Corner. These are copies of actual documents and are provided to show what is involved in the permitting process.
05/28/03 Amy Atwood has taken over the role of Wings of Hope Coordinator for 2003. See the Wings of Hope section to find out what it is all about. Please support this worthy project.
05/27/03 We are now half way through Butterfly 101. This workshop is proving very successful and a lot of useful information has already been shared. The best bits will eventually find their way to the IBBA website archives in the Members Section, but as a taster a quick tip on Buddleia propagation has been added to the Butterfly Family Tips page.
05/11/03 A Butterfly 101 group e-mail workshop for IBBA Members will begin on Tuesday, May 13th and will run for three weeks. Joining instructions are on the Members Section home page.
05/10/03 A recent IBBA Mailing List discussion about biblical verses relating to butterflies, together with two memorial poems written by IBBA members, have been added to the Butterfly Poems and Release Readings page.
05/10/03 Another entry for IBBA Rocks!
05/10/03 Wings Wanted! First Grade Teacher with 3 International students seeks donations from Butterfly Breeders for Leavenworth "at-risk" school --celebrating school progress and a year of any cultures shared. Details are on the Wings of Hope page.
05/10/03 Added to Members Mutterings: NEWS FLASH! (June 15, 2005)
(reprinted courtesy Livingston County News)
05/10/03 In a new Ask a Mentor topic, Barbara J. Bosco talks about "Marketing Your Crafts for Money".
05/02/03 A new Butterfly Family Tip explains how to use mobile hydroponic milkweed cups to grow milkweed.
05/02/03 Richard Breen has produced a short video showing the emergence
of an Eastern Black Swallowtail butterfly. He has kindly made it available for members to download. The link is on the
Member Download Links page in the Members Section. NB: large file!
04/25/03 The IBBA Board of Directors are pleased to announce that Steve Genua has agreed to accept an Honorary Membership and to join the Advisory Board for 2003. To find out about Steve's past involvement with IBBA, visit the "Converting Power Easements into Butterfly Habitats" page - under Special Programs & Projects in the menu.
04/23/03 A new section has been created as a 'one-stop shop' for information relating to IBBA and Government Agencies. To reflect its importance, this section has its own top-level menu heading. The existing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request section and Don't Let This End slideshow can now be found here. Additional items will be added shortly.
04/22/03 A Message From The President! A message to all current, new and prospective members from IBBA President Velma Begley can now be found HERE.
04/21/03 New in the Members' Mutterings area we have a page of "True Confessions" based on a recent IBBA Mailing List thread. Read about some of the crazy things that breeders get up to! Also some additional messages have been copied to the Members Mutterings and IBBA Rocks! pages.
04/09/03 A new section, "Kids and Butterflies!" has been added to the Photo Gallery. Do you have any photos of kids and butterflies that we could add? Please let us know. We will only show photos with parental permission and photos can remain anonymous if preferred.
04/08/03 Mississippi State University is offering insect rearing workshops and seminars in 2003/2004. Information can be found in the Butterfly Education Resources section (under Special Reports & Useful Information in the menu). This page also details the Mississippi State University Insect Pathology service to determine disease problems in livestock and diet.
04/02/03 IBBA members may now download a video clip of the metamorphosis footage from Lee Larcheveque's "The Butterfly King" video that was included in the IBBA video "The Beauty of Butterflies and You!". A number of versions are available for download from the Video Clips & Photos page in the Members Section.

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