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August-September 2002

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09/21/02 Look in the IBBA Members Co-op Store for some beautiful Milkweed Jewelry.
09/11/02 A couple of changes to agency contact details in the Permit Information Center section. The USDA website link on the Permitting Corner page and the contact number for the Louisiana Department of Agriculture on the State Agency Contact List page have now been updated.
09/05/02 Having trouble with ants, aphids or spider mites? Read Gary Geer's recipe for a soapy pepper spray in the Ask a Mentor section. (This item was recently posted to the IBBA Mailing List.)
09/03/02 State Agency contact details for Florida have been updated on the "Permit to Ship for Release - Summary Information by State" page (in the Permit Information Center).
08/25/02 A page of useful links has been added to the Butterfly Education Resources section (under Special Reports & Information in the menu). Some of these links have appeared previously on the Butterfly Family Tips page.
08/19/02 More in the IBBA Members Co-op Store! ButterfliZ of Iowa are offering members good prices on selected books and on Scolled Wooden Butterfly Plant Stakes. Look in the Store under "Discount Products & Services direct from IBBA Members".
08/18/02 Links to a number of butterfly and moth identification / information websites, gleaned from the IBBA Mailing List, Butterfly Family List and elsewhere, have been added to the Butterfly Family Tips page.
08/17/02 Lots of goodies from Shady Oak Nursery are on offer at special members-only rates. Find them under "Discount Products & Services direct from IBBA Members" in the IBBA Members Co-op Store.
08/16/02 Two new Ask a Mentor topics:
Recent list correspondence on "Baits and traps for the tropics", concluding with Nigel Venters' own experiences on trappintg butterflies in Africa, plus his own trap design.
Teaching Butterfly Gardening and Plant Propagation Classes - some ideas from Edith Smith.
08/14/02 We are pleased to announce that Chiltern Seeds, the most comprehensive seed supplier in the UK (and possibly the world?) has agreed to supply some seeds and catalogs for the IBBA Convention Seed Swap.
08/13/02 It's official - IBBA Rocks! Click HERE to read why.
08/06/02 Here it is then! The Full Announcement of the details of the 2002 IBBA Annual Convention in Niagara Falls. Thank you to Randy Minnehan and the Events Committee for all of the hard work!
08/05/02 Recent posts on the IBBA Mailing List and Butterfly Family list have been discussing propagation of buddleia, lantana and other species. These messages have now been copied to the Butterfly Gardening section.
08/05/02 Registration details and the registration form for the IBBA Annual Convention are now available in the Convention section.
08/05/02 Farms and companies are invited to support the IBBA by donating merchandise items or butterfly livestock certificates which will be auctioned off at the IBBA Convention Butterfly Banquet on Saturday night. Read all about it HERE.
08/02/02 In an attempt to make it a little easier to find what you want on this ever more complex website, some "Quick Links" to often-requested pages have been added near the top of the home page.
08/02/02 Comedy at the Convention? Surely not! Check out the 'Cavortings' link on the Convention page.

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