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August - September 2003

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09/25/03 Immediately preceding the IBBA Annual Convention, Rick Mikula and Kathleen Ziemer will be holding a special butterfly seminar titled Expanding Your Horizons (or Eating Every Month!). Details HERE.
09/23/03 The IBBA Convention Agenda has been updated.
09/23/03 Another useful learning link added to the Butterfly Education Resources section.
09/17/03 A new Butterfly Family Tip: Fans, Air Movement, Humidity and Temperatures.
09/17/03 The IBBA Convention Agenda has been updated.
09/14/03 Which butterfly species can be released in which U.S. states? Find out in our new easy to read table, based on the latest USDA Release Decision Matrix.
09/10/03 IBBA Annual Convention 2003 - the agenda, registration and other details are now available on the convention pages.
09/10/03 Shipping butterflies interstate for environmental release and understanding / complying with USDA requirements - explanation from Wayne Wehling of USDA, added to the Permitting Corner.
09/05/03 An article about Edith and Steve Smith has been published in the Florida Farm Bureau's Florida Agriculture 2003 magazine. Read it on the Farmer Highlights page.
09/05/03 A new tip on the Butterfly Family Tips page: Hydrogen Peroxide: Sterilizing Agent, Disease Suppressant, AND Growth Enhancer
08/26/03 IBBA member Allie Schield's new book, Solomon & Lily, uses the butterfly lifecycle as a metaphor to help children understand the cycle of friendship, loss, transformation, healing, reaching full potential and coming full circle. Allie is offering her book to members at a special reduced price - see the "Discounted Products and Services offered directly from IBBA Members" section in the IBBA Co-op Store for details.

Also in the Co-op Store, another source has been added for netted sleeves. See under Business Referrals.

08/21/03 An updated version (v.10) of the USDA Butterfly Release Decision Chart (the official USDA decision matrix for butterfly shipping permits) has just been issued. Find it on the Permitting Corner page
08/21/03 The latest information about the 2003 Annual Convention is now on the Convention page.

A Houston Chronicle article on Gary Geer, "For Love And Money: Butterfly farmer finds his work can be uplifting", has been added to the Farmer Highlights page.

08/20/03 Contacts for parasite-proof netting added to IBBA Co-op Store (Business Referrals section)
08/20/03 A new Ask A Mentor topic discusses propagating Buddleia davidii, the Butterfly Bush.
08/08/03 The Republican Company has kindly given us permission to include some of their photographs of the Molly Bish Memorial Butterfly Release on our Molly Bish Reports page. Most of these photos are also in the "Molly Laid to Rest" slide show on the MASSlive.com website, but we have been provided with better copies.
08/05/03 Amy Attwood has put together a compilation of recent list messages on the subject of aphid control. This is now in the Ask a Mentor section.
08/05/03 More media links and photos have been added to the Molly Bish section, including photos of the butterfly release on MASSlive.com and video news reports on NECN.com.
08/04/03 Molly Bish was laid to rest on August 2, 2003. A Wings of Hope butterfly release was held during the memorial. More information can be found HERE.

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