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December 2002-January 2003

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01/30/03 Need to contact the media about an issue? The Political Activities & Articles Archive section now contains a link to a page of contact addresses for the major US media organisations.
01/28/03 A recent Ask a Mentor topic, "The Butterfly Booth" by Fran LeMasters, prompted Rick Mikula to post his experiences with, and modifications to, Fran's design. Rick's IBBA List message has been copied below Fran's paper in the Ask a Mentor Archive.
01/23/03 Jacob Groth of Swallowtail Farms, Inc. provides his customers with printed guidelines for achieving a successful butterfly release in either warm or cool weather. Our thanks to Jacob for agreeing to share these useful documents. Download them from the "Planning the Perfect Butterfly Wedding" page.
01/21/03 Thanks to Mona Miller for her IBBA Mailing List posting of some useful "butterfly education" ideas and links to keep kids entertained. Find them under Craft Projects in the Butterfly Education Resources section.
01/21/03 Jack Mikula is offering IBBA Members a special discount on web hosting and Butterfly Website Sponsorship. Details are in the Discount Products and Services from IBBA Members section of the IBBA Members Co-op Store.
01/21/03 The Board of Directors and Board Offices page has now been updated to show the 2003 Board.
01/21/03 The IBBA will shortly be holding a 2002 Year-end Industry Survey to determine the current state of the butterfly industry. The IBBA is seeking this data to assist in its ongoing legislative and public relations efforts; the data provided by respondents shall be treated as confidential and shall be used solely for these purposes. IBBA members are asked to help test the survey by completing and submitting the draft survey form provided in the Members Section.
01/15/03 IMPORTANT! Help the IBBA to fight for your right to release butterflies. Visit the Political Activities & Articles Archive and read about and download the document entitled Why It's OK.
01/15/03 Click HERE to read a statement from the Board of Directors on Member Care.
01/15/03 A couple of fun things to lighten the mood! On the Butterfly Education Resources page (under Special Reports and Information in the menu) click on Fun Things To Do! for a downloadable PDF file detailing how to create "stained glass" butterflies, and for a link to a website offering a pattern to cut out a flying paper Monarch!
01/15/03 In order to maintain a valid USDA permit to ship butterflies into the state of Delaware, permit holders are now required to notify the Delaware Dept. of Ag of each and every shipment of butterflies into the state. Jon Timko has provided a template for members to use. Find it in the Political Activities & Articles Archive.
01/15/03 This week's Ask a Mentor topic is Doc Palmer's presentation on "Making Compost in 2 Weeks". Doc gave this PowerPoint presentation at the 2002 Convention.
01/15/03 Doc Palmer has supplied some more photos - and a couple of movie clips! - from the IBBA convention. Find them on the Convention Photo page and the Places Photo page.
01/05/03 The Annual Members' Meeting of the IBBA will be held Monday - Friday, January 6 - January 10 via email. Details previously posted to the IBBA Mailing List have now been copied to the BoD News Update page. Any member wishing to particpate must follow the instructions given in the message.
01/05/03 The Dues Policy page has now been updated to show the 2003 dues. Payment should be made before 1/31/03.
01/05/03 Thanks to Velma Begley for sending me some photos of two "IBBA Angels", honored at the convention with "Angel Awards" for their contributions to the IBBA above and beyond the call of duty. Find out who on the Convention page!
01/05/03 Melanie McCarthy has found some additional correspondence between herself and Doctors Firko, Flanders and Wehling of USDA that we had not previously included. These are now available in the Articles and Letters section of the Articles Archive. In addition an e-mail from Dennis Martin (Rhode Island Div of Ag) to Melanie has been added to the Rhode Island section on the Special Reports page, also in the Articles Archive.
01/05/03 On the Credits and Links page we now have a link to the
Monarchs NJ. website. Among other things Jim Kupcho has a great monthly newsletter that you will enjoy reading. This month's front page reprints information from IBBA on how to have a perfect release.
01/05/03 "Butterflies add a tone" - Chemical and Engineering News Magazine article added to Articles Archive.
01/03/03 The IBBA Conference Area & Discussion Group has been reinstated on The Butterfly Website. Find the link under Contact Addresses & Mailing Lists in the IBBA menu.
01/03/03 The first Ask a Mentor topic of the new year is supplied by Fran LeMasters and describes how to construct a Butterfly Booth from screen doors.
12/20/02 The Board of Directors have issued a Policy Statement concerning what information may or may not be entered in the Products and Services section of your membership details.
12/15/02 A new Ask a Mentor topic has been supplied by Anne Collins of Butterfly Brilliance in Australia. In her topic Anne explains how she built a "Caterpillar" tent flight cage for her butterfly farm.
12/13/02 It was with deep regret that we heard recently about the untimely death of IBBA member Judy Seibert of Butterflies of Skippack Village. Our thoughts and prayers go out to husband Eric and to their family and friends. Please visit our memorial page.
12/11/02 Today we are pleased to announce the Grand Launch of the IBBA Store. Here you will find many butterfly-related items, specially selected by the IBBA, at competitive prices. Take advantage of our special Christmas gift wrapping service. Whether you are buying items for yourself or as a gift, your purchases will help support the IBBA's research, grower education, market development, and habitat conservation and restoration.
12/11/02 We have many new items available to members in the IBBA Members Co-op Store. Pay us a visit to select your Christmas gifts at low, low prices, and take advantage of our special Christmas gift wrapping service.

Two additions to the Convention Presentation downloads available from the Ask a Mentor section:
For those of you who missed Gary Geer's Hydroponics talk - or who did not get a copy of his CD with it on, you can now download it as a Word document.
The Livestock Production Planner, Projection of Pupa and Daily/Weekly Report files that were supplied to attendees of the Advanced Guide to Commercial Butterfly Production seminar can now be downloaded.

12/11/02 Another convention photo from Anne Collins, showing why there are no flies on Nigel!
12/08/02 Penny Wilson has supplied some more photos of the IBBA Convention, the Banquet and the Butterfly Conservatory.

Non-Canadian IBBA Convention attendees may qualify for an Ontario Refund of Retail Sales Tax. The claim application form is now available from the Convention page.

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