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December 2003 - April 2004

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04/30/04 The Early History of the IBBA page has been updated with some additional and corrected information.
04/26/04 The 2004 Committee List has been updated.
04/17/04 The Board Meeting Minutes for February 2004 are now available in the Members Section.
04/17/04 Last month Rick Mikula, Jon Timko and Stephen Roche attended the Invertebrate Symposium on Biodiversity Conservation in NYC. Their reports on the event are now in the Political Action and Articles Archive area in the Members Section. (Worth reading if only to see the photo of Rick with Bob Pyle!)
04/17/04 Doddie Drake has provided a nice selection of photos from the IBBA Convention and Grapevine Butterfly Festival.
04/17/04 Two Butterfly Family Tips from Nigel Venters: Off Plant Egg Laying, and Hanging Swallowtail Butterfly Pupae.
03/15/04 A link to the USDA PLANTS database has been added to the Contact Addresses and Butterfly Gardening sections.
03/13/04 New in the IBBA Members Co-op Store: The Really Big Butterfly Coloring Book is a large format 24" x 18" butterfly coloring book with informative text and bonus educational and activity pages. A Butterfly Boutique production by Paul Chesterfield, Nigel Venters and Linda Rogers.
03/03/04 A new Ask a Mentor article by Melanie McCarthy describes how she collects butterfly eggs.
03/03/04 The 2004 Board Election page has been moved to the Website Archives.
02/26/04 The IBBA Balance Sheet As of December 31, 2003 and the Profit & Loss YTD Comparison October through December 2003 are now available on the Budget & Financial Statements page in the Members Section.
02/26/04 The Board Meeting minutes for December 2003 and January 2004 are now available in the Board Meeting Minutes area in the Members Section.

USDA Guidelines for Exhibition Displays & Containment - three useful documents added to the Permitting Corner.

01/23/04 The Officer Posts for the 2004 Board have now been decided. Details are on the Board and Offices page.
01/02/04 Board Meeting minutes for 2003 are now available in the Members Section.
The new Board of Directors has now taken office effective 1/1/2004. Details are on the Board and Offices page.
01/01/04 The Membership Distribution Maps have been updated to show the active membership on 12/31/2003.
12/31/03 The Membership Dues page has been updated to show the 2004 dues structure. Dues for 2004 fall due on 1 January 2004.
12/21/03 The results of the 2004 IBBA Board Election have been announced. Details can be found under "2004 Board Election" in the Members Section menu.
12/18/03 Another entry in the Ask a Mentor section ... Rick Mikula's Kinderflies! As a special Christmas Present to IBBA members, Rick has provided this great Activity Kit to amuse and educate younger children ... and adults!
12/14/03 Edith Smith has provided an interesting Ask a Mentor article, with pictures, describing how to adapt tote containers for rearing larvae.

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