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February - March 2003

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03/29/03 Providing educational presentations can be both fun and profitable. Phyllis Baker has provided some useful ideas for offering such a presentation, in the form of an advertising leaflet that you can tailor to suit your own needs. Find it in the Ask a Mentor section.
03/29/03 IBBA has issued a News Release concerning recent NABA threats to protest and picket a Florida rape crisis center if it staged a butterfly release.
03/27/03 Evidence of another of Rick Mikula's forebears has turned up in an attic trunk. Read about Granny Rick ... er, Rick's Granny on the Members Mutterings page. What other dark secrets will come to light? Only time will tell!
03/27/03 New link added to the Useful Links page in the Butterfly Education Resources section: Journey North: Monarch Butterfly - Annual Variations in Spring Migration Patterns (animated maps showing Recolonization of Eastern North America Springs 2000, 2001 and 2002.)
03/25/03 April has been designated Florida Butterfly and Butterfly Gardening Month. Read the official proclamation and supporting text HERE.
03/20/03 The 2003 IBBA Annual Convention will be held in Grapevine, Texas from 16-19 October 2003. Initial details are now available on the convention page.
03/16/03 The 2003 Annual Convention page is now available. Convention details will be posted here as they are finalised.
03/16/03 Peggy Hatcher has provided updated information about her Butterflies Over Texas exhibit (IBBA Butterfly Gardens & Exhibits page). She has included some nice photos taken last season.
03/16/03 The order of items in the main IBBA menu has been amended to make butterfly sales information easier to find. Other related imenu tems have also been grouped together further down.
03/16/03 A new Butterfly Family Tip from Linda Rogers - a galvanised folding tomato cage that would make a great frame for butterfly habitats/ growing chambers
03/16/03 The Membership Distribution Maps have been updated. These maps can be reached from the Membership List page.
03/15/03 Linda recently posted an update about the lifting of the Florida Restrictions. The USDA message confirming this has been copied to the Permitting Corner page.
03/15/03 4-H of America is one of IBBA's Corporate Partners. The 4-H Club name and emblem are protected by Federal Statute. A link has been added to the 4-H section of the Corporate Partners page that will take you to a page explaining the regulations. This page also contains a download link to an application form for their use.
03/15/03 Two messages posted to the IBBA Mailing List to welcome new members have been copied to "IBBA Rocks!".
03/15/03 A link to an article on How to Mount a Butterfly has been added to the Bonus Items section on the Ask a Mentor page. Thanks to Rick Mikula for posting this link.
03/10/03 For those of you battling with imperial/metric conversions, we have added a conversion page to the Special Reports & Useful Information section.
03/06/03 Links to US Senate and House of Representatives added to the Contact Addresses page
03/06/03 Melanie McCarthy has offered to share two documents that she provides to her customers. One is for Care of Butterflies and the other is for the Transfer of Butterflies for Mass Releases. Find them on the Planning the Perfect Butterfly Wedding page.
03/06/03 The beauty of the butterfly - Jacksonville Florida Times Union article with a nice picture of Caroline Greathouse. "A new exhibit at the Jacksonville zoo follows the winged creatures from pupal stage to colorful fluttering about." See link in the Articles Archive
03/06/03 More photos and clips have been made available for members to download, these are of the "butterfly fairies" from Humphreys Portrait Design that were seen in the IBBA video. The link is on the Member Download Links page.
03/03/03 The latest version (v9) of the USDA Butterfly Release Decision Chart is now available in the Permitting Corner.
02/25/03 More unsolicited testimonials by IBBA members added to the IBBA Rocks page. Has the IBBA brought good fortune to you or to someone you know? Please let us know!
02/24/03 Jon Timko's second IBBA brochure (Adobe Acrobat PDF file) is now available for download from the Member Download Links page. This brochure can be used in business development with Senior Citizen Centers and other educational opportunities with groups. This is a good "Seniors/Marketing Brochure" and can be used for more than just seniors.
02/23/03 Download a National Geographic butterfly coloring picture from the Butterfly Education Resources section. Click on Fun Things To Do.
02/21/03 This week's Ask a Mentor article is entitled "Here Comes the Bride with BUTTERFLIES!". Victoria Warner makes some excellent suggestions for promoting your business by renting a booth at a bridal show.
02/17/03 New in the IBBA Store, a fun circular jigsaw puzzle by Royce McClure. IBBA Members should check in the Members Co-op Store () for special member discounts.
02/17/03 More in our Corporate Partners section: Carol McPheron and Penny Wilson have supplied some additional information about their respective work with NAAP and 4H of America.

"Inside The Monarchists Lair" is an article about IBBA member Ken McGrath from the February 2003 issue of "Toronto Life" magazine. Find it under Farmer Highlights in the Special Reports & Information section.

02/16/03 Under About the IBBA we now have a page for IBBA's Corporate Partners. The first Partners to be included here are the National Association of Activity Professionals and 4-H of America.
02/14/03 Following discussions between IBBA and USDA, the restriction for shipping Monarchs into Florida is to be removed mid-March. Initial details are on the Permitting Corner page.
02/12/03 The IBBA Board of Directors have written to Dr Jeffrey Glassberg of NABA, requesting an explanation of certain recent events. Read the letter in the Articles Archive.
02/07/03 The first of three brochures - the IBBA Media & Political Brochure - can now be downloaded from the Member Download Links page.
02/07/03 A list of IBBA Tasks & Teams (Political Action Committee and others) is now available in the Political Activities & Articles Archive section
02/06/03 Jack and Rick Mikula have produced an online version of the USDA's PPQ 526 form. There is a link on the Permitting Corner page.
02/05/03 The IBBA Political Action Committee has just published their 2003 Action Update report. Read about what the IBBA is doing - and still has to do - on your behalf on the Political Action Update page.
02/05/03 This week's Ask a Mentor topic is by Anne Collins. Anne explains how to construct an attractive butterfly display cage for exhibitions and similar events. Also, as an Ask a Mentor bonus, Amy Atwood has pulled together some messages from a recent IBBA Mailing List discussion on growing Passion Vine.

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