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Jan - Jun 2006

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06/29/06 Some excellent Nosema spore slide photos added to the Nosema page. These photos were provided by Dr. Frank Davis of MSU and Dr. Zachary Huang of Michigan State U.
06/27/06 Page for Nosema information begun under Diseases & Prevention
06/18/06 Butterflies for Connor: A photo of Connor and a touching poem have been added to this June 15 entry on the Wings of Hope page.
06/18/06 The Board has been contacting State officials in order to promote butterfly farming as a responsible industry. A sample letter on the new IBBA letterhead can be seen in the Articles & Letters section of the Articles Archive.
06/15/06 The Bylaws of Wings of Hope, Inc. can now be found in the Wings of Hope section.
06/13/06 A new Butterfly Family Tip - Raising Mourning Cloaks, this was a discussion topic from the IBBA Mailing List
06/13/06 Board Meeting Minutes for May 29 are now available.
06/10/06 We are pleased to announce that The Molly Bish Foundation are now sponsors of the IBBA Wings of Hope Program. Visit the Wings of Hope page for more.
06/10/06 The Wings of Hope, Inc Articles of Organisation can be read HERE
06/06/06 The Wings of Hope Calendar of Events has been updated with some reports of past events and more upcoming events.
06/01/06 NOW AVAILABLE! the IBBA 2005/6 Convention Presentation CD and 4 DVD set. Click HERE for more.
06/01/06 "Monarch Butterfly Trustees all a-flutter" - link to Scoop Independent News article about Jacqui Knight & Monarch Butterfly New Zealand Trust
05/22/06 Wings of Hope page updated with a new June event & May butterfly donation.
05/22/06 More additions to the Butterfly Poems and Release Readings page.
05/19/06 We are grateful to the Granby Public Library, Mass., for sponsoring our Wings of Hope program through their reading program this summer. In lieu of prizes for children, they will be making donations to Wings of Hope each time a child completes their reading program.
05/16/06 Individuals or groups that organise or sponsor Wings of Hope events are invited to download a Wings Of Hope Program Participant logo for display on their website.
05/16/06 The USDA has produced an Excel spreadsheet of State Plant Regulatory Officials (SPROs) with contact email addresses. You can find it in the Permitting Corner.
05/16/06 We are pleased to announce that Dr Frank Davis of MS State U. has joined the IBBA Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is listed on the Board & Offices page.
05/13/06 Several more additions to the new Healthy Butterflies - Diseases & Prevention section, with some excellent photos showing how to recognise diseased Monarchs and OE; reproduced with permission from the University of Georgia website. Also added is "Raising Healthy Butterflies", a section copied from The Commercial Butterfly Breeders Manual with permission from the authors.
05/13/06 More members added to the Butterfly Farm Store.
05/13/06 A link to another article about IBBA member Edith Smith has been added to the Articles Archive.
05/01/06 The membership maps have been updated to 30 April 2006.
04/30/06 The first Wings of Hope event of 2006 has been completed. Details of this and future events are HERE.
04/30/06 Two more IBBA members in the news, Linda Marchman and Kathleen Ziemer - in the Articles & Letters, Members News section of the Articles Archive.
04/30/06 A new section, Disease Education & Prevention in Butterflies, brings together information and advice on producing healthy livestock.
04/27/06 The next IBBA Annual Convention will take place at the Clarion Lauderdale Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, from November 3rd - 5th, 2006. Details are HERE.
04/22/06 The first Wings of Hope request for the 2006 season has been added to the Wings of Hope Calendar on the main Wings of Hope page.
04/22/06 A link to an article about IBBA member Edith Smith has been added to the Articles Archive.
04/22/06 Thanks to Melaine Mc Carthy and Linda Rogers for the first photos of the recent convention. They have been added to the Convention Photos page. If you have any convention photos, please send them in.
04/20/06 Two seasonal versions of a release poem by Jacqui Knight have been added to the Butterfly Poems and Release Readings page.
03/31/06 EXCITING NEWS!! NOW ON SALE FOR IBBA MEMBERS ONLY!! The IBBA 2006 Convention Presentation CD
03/31/06 The IBBA Board of Directors has formulated a Mission Statement and 2006 Annual Plan.
03/30/06 Advisory Board Members and Honorary Members for 2006 have been announced.
03/30/06 Board Meeting Minutes for Jan/Feb/Mar 2006 are now available.
Sorry for the delay in updates. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!
02/11/06 More great donations added to the Convention auction page!
02/09/06 More great donations added to the Convention auction page!
02/02/06 The Convention Sponsors, Auction and Agenda pages have been updated. Our grateful thanks go to our sponsors for their generosity.
01/30/06 The IBBA Amnnual Rerort for 2005 has been updated to incorporate feedback from the Annual Meeting. The revised report can be downloaded from the Annual Meeting page.
01/29/06 The Wings of Hope Coordinator for 2006 is Alicia Baylor.
01/20/06 The 2005 IBBA Annual Meeting is now Adjourned.
01/18/06 The Interim Annual Budget for 2006 has now been posted in the Budget & Financial section
01/17/06 Board Meeting Minutes for 9 January are now available in the Board Minutes section.
01/15/06 The 2005 IBBA Annual Report is avaiulable for downloading from the 2005 Annual Meeting page.
01/14/06 The Board and Officers and Board Archives pages have been updated.
01/10/06 More items are still being donated to the Convention Auction. The latest are four tee-shirts donated by Maggie and Zane Greathouse. See the auction page for more details.
01/10/06 The membership distribution maps have been updated to 31 December 2005.
01/05/06 Board Meeting votes for December 19 are now available in the Board Minutes section.
01/05/06 Membership dues for 2006 are now available on the Member Dues Policy page. Members have until 1/31 to renew.

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