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Jan - Dec 2009

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12/22/09 Renew Your Membership Dues! Yes, it is that time again!. Dues for 2010 are payable on 1st January. Click HERE to see the dues amounts payable for 2010, then follow the instructions in the Latest News box above.
12/15/09 My thanks to Gloria Brons for another set of convention photos, showing the lengths some people will go to when they are hungry!
12/13/09 Some more convention photos supplied by René Boutin.
12/13/09 More convention photos, these were taken by Linda Rogers and sent in by Melanie McCarthy.
12/08/09 The first convention photos are here! Thanks to Rick Mikula for these gems!
12/08/09 Members can now request an automated password reminder.
12/05/09 Links to "Raising Butterflies" site added to the Butterfly Education Resources section. This site discusses how to find and take care of butterfly immatures.
12/02/09 Budget and Profit & Loss reports for July to October 2009 have been added to the Budget & Financial section.
12/01/09 The Election to the 2010 Board of Directors has resulted in a slate, with five nominations for the five available posts. A ballot is therefore not required. Click HERE for the Board of Directors page.
11/27/09 The Membership Distribution Maps have been updated
11/23/09 Post-convention message from Dan Staehr, IBBA Executive Director.
11/20/09 The IBBA Convention is now under way.
10/23/09 The revised and updated convention agenda is now available.
10/20/09 The Election page for the 2010 Board of Directors is now available.
09/11/09 Convention Timetable and Registration Form updated! Please note that registration packages and costs have been amended.
09/03/09 More generous sponsors added to the Convention Sponsors page.
09/02/09 Latest Financial Reports added
09/02/09 Convention news update!
09/02/09 July and August Board Meeting Minutes added.
09/02/09 Congratulations to Australian member Skye Blackburn, for winning the Robyn Phyllis Award for the best business women in Western Sydney. Added to Member News in Articles Archive.
08/20/09 IBBA Convention page: the section describing the reservation procedure for the Astor Crowne Plaza hotel has been updated with new information provided by the hotel.
08/20/09 The Convention Sponsors page has been updated
08/19/09 Congratulations to Dan Staehr, who has been appointed as IBBA's Interim Executive Director. Dan's contact details are below.
08/19/09 Issue 2 of the IBBA's "The Release" newsletter is now available to members.
08/09/09 Sponsorship Levels and Benefits for the IBBA Convention have been added to the Convention page.
08/07/09 Board Meeting Minutes for May added.
08/04/09 The membership distribution maps have been updated to 31 July 2009.
08/04/09 The "Butterflies: Where to Buy?" and "Members and Their Farms" pages now display the number of records returned by a query.
07/28/09 Board Meeting Minutes for March, June and July added.
07/22/09 Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss reports Feb - May 2009, plus approved 2009 Budget, added to Budgets & Financial section.
07/12/09 "Madame butterfly: Amador woman shares the large healing power carried by some very small wings.": Recordnet.com article about Alicia Baylor - link added to the Articles Archive.
05/26/09 The IBBA Mailing List Policy Review is nearing completion. The FAQ pages have been updated pending release of the revised Policy.
05/24/09 The Wings of Hope auction for 2009 will take place during the IBBA Convention in November. Details, including a list of auction donations, can be found on the Wings of Hope website.
05/10/09 Following discussion on the IBBA Mailing List, Melanie McCarthy's Disease Prevention article on egg washing technique has also been placed in the Ask a Mentor section to make it easier for members to find.
05/06/09 IBBA convention: the telephone number for room reservations at the Astor Crowne Plaza hotel has been updated. Please use the new number (888-233-9527) to reserve your room.
04/29/09 "The Release" - The IBBA Members' Newsletter - Issue 1 now available!
04/23/09 (Articles Archive) "The Spring butterfly festival offers fun" - Link to article about The Greathouse Spring Festival in The Gainesville Sun, April 18, 2009.
04/03/09 Convention itinerary & related info updated.
03/11/09 Board Meeting Minutes for February 2009.
03/11/09 Link to article about member Mike Rich of Lukas Nursery, added to Articles Archive
03/05/09 The Itinerary and Registration Form are now available for the 2009 convention, which will be held in New Orleans, LA, USA, November 19-22. Click HERE.
02/26/09 The Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Report for January 2009 are now available in the Budget & Financial section.
02/25/09 The Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Report for December 2008, together with an updated end-2008 Profit & Loss Report, are now available in the Budget & Financial section.
02/18/09 Board Meeting Minutes for December 2008 and January 2009.
01/30/09 The Bylaws Section 3.1 – Classes of Membership and Eligibility have been amended to include the new category of Corporate Membership - as agreed at the recent Annual Meeting of Members.
01/30/09 The Greathouse Butterfly Farm Travelling Exhibit entry has been updated on the
Butterfly Gardens & Exhibits page.
01/24/09 New Ask a Mentor item: Temperature Chart to Regulate Livestock Growth - author Nigel Venters. (Extract from "The Commercial Butterfly Breeders Manual". Posted with permission, The Butterfly Boutique.)
01/21/09 Board of Directors page updated: Officers for 2009 have been agreed.
01/18/09 The 2009 Convention page is now up.
01/18/09 Board meeting dates for 2009.
01/10/09 Sponsor Membership class added to Bylaws and Dues Policy pages. (Agreed at 2007 Annual Meeting but omitted here in error.)
01/07/09 Page created for 2008 Annual Meeting. 2008 Financial Report added.
01/01/09 Membership distribution maps, Board of Directors & related pages updated for end-year/new year

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