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12/18/12 BOD Meeting Minutes for November added.
12/18/12 Finance reports for November added.
12/15/12 BOD Meeting Minutes for September added.
12/15/12 Finance reports for October added.
12/09/12 Membership dues for 2013 are due at the end of the month. Dues are unchanged from 2012. See the Dues Policy page for details. IBBA members can send their renewal payment using the PayPal link in the right-hand column on the home page. New members should also complete and submit a Membership Application Form.
12/09/12 The Board of Directors pages have been updated to include details of the 2013 board.
12/09/12 The Election to the 2013 Board of Directors resulted in a slate. An electronic ballot is therefore not required. The new board will take up their posts on January 1st, 2013. More details can be found on the Board Election page.
12/05/12 The first IBBA Convention photos have been added. These were provided by Kathy Marshburn.
11/11/12 The IBBA Convention is now over. The convention page has been archived.
11/05/12 IBBA Convention - The finalised Agenda has now been posted.
11/04/12 A new article has been added to the Ask a Mentor section -
Helpful Tips: Avoid Problems with Butterfly Livestock Purchases and Ways to Prevent Business Conflicts - by Linda Rogers
10/29/12 Election to the 2013 Board of Directors - details can be found on the Board Election page.
10/28/12 IBBA Convention - The Early Registration Discount and Book Purchase deadlines have now passed.Vendor Table info added.
10/16/12 Finance reports for September
10/16/12 Board Meeting Minutes for August.
10/15/12 IBBA Convention - Vendor Table info added.
10/05/12 IBBA Convention - Agenda updated.
10/04/12 IBBA Convention - Sponsor section added. Synopsis of Dr. Lincoln Brower's Keynote lecture added to agenda.
10/02/12 IBBA Convention - Agenda updated.
10/02/12 Finance reports for July and August added
10/02/12 Board Meeting Minutes for July.
09/24/12 IBBA Convention - registration form updated.
09/23/12 Package costs announced for the IBBA Convention. Registration form added. Bio added for Keynote speaker Dr. Lincoln Brower.
09/19/12 More program details announced for the upcoming IBBA Convention.
09/06/12 The MSU Insect Pathology Testing Service page in the Disease Education & Prevention section has been updated with current service costs and contact details.
08/29/12 The IBBA 2012 Convention will be in beautiful colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Dates are November 9-11. Emcee this year is our own Rick Mikula. Details are on the convention page.
07/22/12 Finance reports for April, May and June have been added to the Budgets & Financial section.
07/17/12 The BOD meeting minutes for May have been approved and are available on the BOD Minutes page. There was no meeting in June (no quorum). July's minutes are awaiting approval at the next meeting.
06/18/12 IBBA Finance Committee added to Board page
06/03/12 The Butterfly Release Matrix (Information About Releasing Butterflies in the U.S.) has been updated following release of the USDA-APHIS Butterfly Environmental Release Decision Chart (Version 11) April 2012.
05/04/12 The Membership Distribution Maps have been updated to May 4.
04/30/12 Board Meeting Minutes for March 2012 added.
04/27/12 The Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss reports for February and March 2012 have been added to the Financial section.
04/15/12 IBBA member Jim Hatfield of Wings of Wonder Butterfly Farm received honourable mention in Vol. 1 Issue 27 of Springhead's "The Green Pioneer". Read it HERE. (PDF file)
03/28/12 Changes to the Second Paid Member field on the Membership Details Update page must now be made by the Website Manager.
03/14/12 A PDF presentation on Disease Detection and Management by Frank M. Davis and Amanda M. Lawrence of MSU is now available in the Disease Education section.
02/20/12 Calendar of Events page updated to include proposed 2012 convention.
02/20/12 The Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss reports for December 2011 and January 2012 have been added to the Financial section.
02/20/12 Board Meeting Minutes for Dec 2011 and Jan 2012 added.
02/16/12 Contact details updated for Dr. Wayne Wehling of USDA.
01/21/12 The Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss report for November 2011 have been added to the Financial section.
01/20/12 The 2011 IBBA Board of Directors presented Tokens of Appreciation to Nigel Venters and Dr. Bruce Walsh, for their special assistance to the butterfly industry and to butterfly enthusiasts. Details are on the IBBA Special Awards page.
01/18/12 Officer posts and working committees for 2012 have been announced. Details are on the Board and Officers page.
01/09/12 The first convention photos are now available. These were supplied by Constance Hodsdon.
01/02/12 The Membership Distribution Maps have been updated to the end of 2011. IBBA ended the year with 129 members, our highest membership since 2004!
01/02/12 The Board of Directors pages have been updated to show the new 2012 Board.

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