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Jan 2014 - Dec 2014

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12/16/14 Board Meeting minutes for August, October and November added. (There was no quorum for the meeting in September.)
12/07/14 Board history pages updated with 2015 Board.
12/04/14 Membership Dues for 2015 are unchanged from 2014 rates.
12/04/14 Finance reports added for September and October.
12/04/14 The election result is a slate. A ballot is not required. See election page.
11/29/14 Link added from the IBBA Courses page (public) to the Monarch Health and Disease webinar download page ( private).
11/27/14 New conference photos added to the Conference Page.
11/21/14 New conference photos added to the Conference Page.
11/20/14 The first conference photos are now on the Conference Page.
11/18/14 Nominations are invited for election to the 2015 Board of Directors.
11/06/14 Conference - Silent Auction PDF now available.
10/31/14 Finalised Conference agenda posted.
10/29/14 Monarch Parasites - items reproduced with permission from U.
Georgia Monarch Parasites website:
- OE Biology & Lifecycle (PDF)
- Rearing Monarchs
- Monarch Parasites
10/27/14 Monarch Health and Disease - a video recording of a recent webinar presentation by Dr. Sonia Altizer.
10/23/14 Conference sponsor list updated.
10/20/14 The group rate deadline for conference hotel bookings has been extended to 31 Oct.
10/20/14 Conference sponsor list updated.
10/06/14 Conference sponsor list updated.
Latest News section updated (early registration period extended).
09/15/14 Board Meeting Minutes added for June and July.
09/15/14 Finance reports for May, June and July have been posted in the Budget & Financial section.
09/11/14 Conference sponsor list updated
09/09/14 October 1st - Online Workshop: Rearing Healthy Monarchs with Dr. Sonia Altizer. How to keep parasites away, identify signs of infection and troubleshoot mortality. Details HERE.
09/09/14 Conference sponsor added: Butterfly Farming Supplies (Gold Sponsor)
09/08/14 Conference sponsors added: Raising Butterflies (Sponsoring Saturday Bus Trip) and Wings of Enchantment (Bronze Sponsor)
09/05/14 Conference presentation info added.
09/01/14 Membership maps page updated (see note on page)

The Conference Registration Form is now available.
Conference details are on the main Conference page.

08/16/14 Conference Latest News: registration info posted (registration form coming soon!)
08/12/14 Conference timetable addition: Boynton Botanical trip
08/02/14 Conference Hotel Info and booking form are now available.
07/30/14 The Butterfly Professional's Conference timetable has now been posted.
07/22/14 Board Meeting Minutes added for December 2013, January, March, April and May 2014.
06/04/14 New in the Ask A Mentor section , a paper on Sterilization and Disease Control by Nigel Venters, Glenn Baines, Melanie McCarthy and Terry Terbush.
06/03/14 Finance reports for March and April have been added to the Budget & Financial section.
04/14/14 New in the Member Downloads area, a page of promotional items available for members to download. These items include a 'Save the Monarch' brochure (PDF); plus a selection of professionally-produced wedding photos and wedding / tutorial videos.
04/08/14 Help page added for IBBA Mailing List (Google Groups)
03/14/14 Title of Executive Director post corrected to Executive Assistant.
03/13/14 The Committees section has been updated.
02/06/14 Articles Archive - Oregon section: 
Conference call Steve Roche 1-9-2014 - comments.
01/22/14 The 2014 IBBA Conference will be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in November. See the 2014 Conference page for details.
01/22/14 The new Officers have now been elected. Details are HERE.
01/22/14 A Vote of Confidence in the election slate was held during the Annual Meeting. The Vote was passed and the new board is confirmed.
01/12/14 The Membership Distribution Maps have been updated.
01/08/14 New article (PDF) in the Ask a Mentor section: "A Presentation in Defense for allowing the shipment of farm-reared Monarch Butterflies for the purpose of Ceremonial Releases and Butterfly Exhibits" - by John Utterback, Utterback Farms, Inc.
01/01/14 Congratulations to our new Board of Directors, who take post today. The Board pages have been updated.

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