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Jan 2015 - Dec 2015

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12/16/15 Board election update
12/11/15 Added to Latest News section (top of home page) - updates on Annual Meeting, "Info Share-Let's Talk!", and IBBA Continuing Education Program.
12/04/15 Nominations are invited for the 2016 Board of Directors.
See Election page.
10/29/15 Finance reports for July, August, September added.
10/24/15 Another sponsor added to the conference page
10/21/15 More sponsorship info added to the conference page
10/13/15 Announcing the IBBA Continuing Education Program and Seal. Also more on the "Raising O.e.-Free Monarchs" course. See the IBBA Courses page for details.
10/05/15 More sponsorship info added to the conference page
10/02/15 Sponsorship info added to the conference page
09/18/15 More details added to the conference page
08/19/15 Board Meeting Minutes for May added. There was no meeting in June (no quorum).
08/14/15 Finance reports for May, June added.
07/12/15 This year our annual conference has its own website! Details are HERE.
05/29/15 IBBA Membership Services Coordinator contact details updated.
05/19/15 Board meeting minutes for April added.
04/22/15 Board meeting minutes for March added.
Finance reports for March added.

04/03/15 IBBA Courses page - Monarch Health & Disease webinar details updated, registration info added.
03/27/15 IBBA Courses page updated 
(More Monarch Health& Disease course details added).
03/19/15 IBBA Courses page updated 
(Monarch Health& Disease course details added).
03/18/15 Board Meeting Minutes for Jan and Feb added.
03/18/15 Finance reports for Dec. 2014, Jan. 2015 and Feb. 2015 added.
02/27/15 Committee List updated.
02/22/15 IBBA Courses page updated (USDA webinar link added).
02/20/15 Links to recordings of the Raising Red Admirals course webinar are now on the IBBA Courses page.
02/02/15 Membership Distribution Maps updated.
01/23/15 IBBA Courses - "Raising Red Admirals" - course details added.
01/23/15 IBBA Courses - dates added.
01/22/15 BOD page: Officer posts updated for President, Vice President and Secretary. (Awaiting confirmation of Treasurer.)
01/21/15 Announcing Conference 2015.
Phoenix, Arizona - November 18-22, 2015. More details HERE.
01/09/15 IBBA Courses page updated. Courses are free to IBBA members.
01/05/15 President's "2014 Year in Review" message posted to Annual Meeting page.
01/04/15 Finance reports added for November.
01/03/15 Annual Meeting page added HERE.
01/01/15 Our new Board of Directors takes post today. BoD page updated.

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