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Jul - Dec 2005

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12/13/05 The 2005 IBBA Annual Meeting will be held online from January 16, 2006 - January 20, 2006. The meeting is open to 2005 members in good standing and new 2006 members. Click Annual Meeting 2005 in the Member Section Menu.
12/13/05 The Letter of Welcome has been upated to match what new members now receive. It can be found under Information for New Members.
12/07/05 Board Meeting Minutes for November 7, November 21 and December 5 are now available.
11/13/05 The Board Elections have resulted in a "slate", with six accepting nominees for the six available seats. Details are on the Board Elections page.
11/10/05 Papalotzin flight lands in Mexico. See link on the Papalotzin Migration Flight page.
11/08/05 The convention agenda has been updated.
11/07/05 Biography page added for Convention speakers
11/04/05 FAQ pages updated to cover new IBBA Mailing List
11/02/05 Convention registration details updated
11/02/05 Convention agenda updated
11/02/05 IBBA members offering non-livestock products and services now get equal treatment with a home page Butterfly Farm Store link alongside that for "Butterflies: Where to Buy".
11/02/05 The Board of Directors is happy to announce plans for a spring on-line course. This course will be held from March 13 - March 19, 2006. Details HERE.
11/02/05 The Business Referrals page, formerly found in the Co-op Store, has now been reinstated in the Members Section.
10/30/05 The first nominee names have been received and added to the 2006 Election page in the Members Section. Nominations close November 11.
10/28/05 Felicia Tappan and Fran LeMasters represented IBBA at a recent NAWP meeting in Fort Myers, Florida. Read Felicia's report on the Bridal Trade Fairs page
10/28/05 Board Meeting Minutes for October 10 are now available.
10/26/05 Nominations are invited for election to the 2006 Board of Directors. Members can find full details on the 2006 Election page in the Members Section.
10/17/05 New in Members Mutterings, Butterfly Wrangler Ken McGrath in his pride-and-joy PT Monarch Cruiser
10/13/05 Links to map of Asilomar Conference Grounds and directions to Asilomar added to convention page.
10/04/05 Read how Linda Rogers greeted the Papalotzin Migration Flight crew at the Discovery Butterfly Gardens at the Texas State Fair. There's a nice photo of Linda and the crew, too.
10/01/05 More flight updates added to Papalotzin Migration Flight page.
10/01/05 Board Meeting Minutes for August 29 and September 12 are now available.
09/27/05 Rick Mikula has joined the IBBA Board of DIrectors.
09/07/05 The latest Wings of Hope requests have been added to the main Wings of Hope page. Please note the dates in your diary and raise some extra butterflies to donate to these events.
09/06/05 More flight updates added to migration flight page.
09/06/05 Additions to Butterfly Farm Store page
09/04/05 Sadly the IBBA Store is no more, and both the public IBBA Store and the members' Co-op Store have been removed. If you are looking for that special butterfly gift, why not check out the Butterfly Farm Store for some links.
08/31/05 Flight updates and link to flight schedule info added to migration flight page.
08/28/05 The Membership Distribution Maps have been updated.
08/26/05 Articles Archive: "Butterflies Have Hearts Aflutter" Tampa Tribune article about IBBA member Kathryn Bedat. (Articles Archive ~ Articles and Letters ~ Articles about IBBA Members)
08/26/05 Articles Archive: Media Advisory: Butterflies Lecture at the Library of Congress. "Rick Mikula To Talk on "The Wonderful World of Butterfiles"
08/26/05 New on the Butterfly Family Tips page, Linda Rogers explains how to make a Growing Cylinder for your caterpillar food plants.
08/26/05 Another Butterfly Family Tip, Jon Timko shows how to make a Portable, Inexpensive Soft-sided Cage from an inexpensive laundry sorter. (Item from the IBBA Secrets of the Talking Butterfly booklet.)
08/26/05 Route map and link added to migration flight page
08/26/05 Board Meeting Minutes for August 15 are now available.
08/26/05 The popular IBBA booklet Secrets of the Talking Butterfly is now available to members in the Ask a Mentor section.
08/24/05 The Monarch butterflies have begun their 2,500-mile flight from Canada through Kansas to central Mexico, and someone is tagging along in an ultra-light aircraft. Read the story HERE!
08/11/05 Items are starting to appear on the Convention Auction page. This year there will be an online auction as well as an auction during the event, so start bidding now!
08/11/05 Zane and Maggie Greathouse represented IBBA at the Invertebrates In Captivity Conference in Arizona, from 27-31 July 2005. Read Zane's report HERE.
08/11/05 A Wings of Hope event took place in Shrewsbury, MA on July 23, 2005. A report and photos can be found in the Wings of Hope section.
08/06/05 A new section on Bridal Trade Fairs opens with some useful tips on Wedding Expo's, with accompanying photos, by Anne Collins.
08/06/05 Board Minutes for 1 August have been added to the Board Meeting Minutes page in the Members Section
07/30/05 A message from the President and Board of Directors has been published and a copy added to the "A Message from the President" page.
07/30/05 The first draft Agenda for the 2005/6 IBBA Convention is now available in the Convention section.
07/29/05 Registration is now open for the 2005/6 IBBA Convention. Visit the Convention pages for details.
07/22/05 IBBA will be represented at the Arizona Invertibrates in Captivity meeting July 27th, 2005. IBBA documents to be used at the meeting can now be downloaded from the Political Activities & Articles Archive section.
07/18/05 Board Minutes for 11 July have been added to the Board Meeting Minutes page in the Members Section
07/18/05 The IBBA Poster is now available for download on the Member Download Links page.
07/18/05 More media articles posted to the mailing lists by Jon Timko have been added to his page in the Articles Archive.

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