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Jul - Dec 2006

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12/31/06 The 2006 Annual Report is now available on the 2006 Annual Meeting page. This report delineates this past year's programs and projects of the IBBA and reports to the Members on those activities for 2006.
12/31/06 The 2007 Draft Annual Plan is now available on the 2006 Annual Meeting page. This report describes ongoing programs within the IBBA as well as Board initiatives for 2007.  This plan, along with input from the Annual Meeting as well as new Board initiatives, will serve as the planning document for 2007.
12/29/06 The IBBA Board Orientation Package has been updated.
12/29/06 The IBBA Inc. Interim Annual Budget for 2007 is now available in the Budget & Financial Statements section. The budget will be finalised by the 2007 Board.
12/19/06 Board minutes for November 20 are now in the Board Meeting Minutes section. Also recorded here is a Special Board Vote conducted by e-mail, to award Lifetime Honorary Awards to Melanie McCarthy, Rick Mikula, Linda Rogers and Nigel Venters.
12/14/06 An online course, "Butterfly Rearing: A Potpourri of Topics from Beginner to Advanced", will be held from February 19 - March 3, 2007. The course will be led by experienced lepidopterists Dave Clermont, Zane Greathouse and Nigel Venters. The course is free to IBBA members. Non-members may participate for a nominal fee. Click HERE for details.
12/02/06 The IBBA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the folowing additional awards: Zane & Maggie Greathouse: Members of the Year; Alicia Baylor, Kathy Marshburn and Felicia Tappan: Board of Directors Excellence in Service Award. Again, we offer our congratulations. Award details are on the IBBA Special Awards page.
12/02/06 Link to New York Sun article about New York City Museum butterfly display and El Bosque Nuevo in Costa Rica (IBBA members Ernesto Rodriquez & John Fazzini) added to the Articles Archive in the Members Section. (Thanks to Edith Smith for providing the link.)
11/30/06 The IBBA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Lifetime Honorary Awards have been awarded to Melanie McCarthy, Rick Mikula, Linda Rogers and Nigel Venters in recognition of their tireless work on behalf of the IBBA and its members. We offer our congratulations to them all.
11/26/06 Membership Dues for 2007 have been posted in the Dues section. Dues are payable on or before 1st January 2007.
11/26/06 Board minutes for 30 October are now available under Board Meeting Minutes in the Members Section.
11/20/06 A Convention photo gallery from Kathleen Ziemer.
11/19/06 And some more convention photos supplied by Heather Tokas.
11/14/06 More convention photos added, these sent in by Cornelius and Amour du Plessis.
11/13/06 The IRS have determined that the Wings of Hope Inc. program is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The relevant documents are now in the Wings of Hope section in PDF format.
11/12/06 The first convention photo received has been added to a new convention photos page. Some "post-convention chatter" from the IBBA Mailing List has also been archived to its own page.
11/06/06 The IBBA's Annual Meeting for 2006 will be held January 22 through January 26, 2007. The purpose will be to report to the Members on the accomplishments of 2006 as well as to accept recommendations for future IBBA priorities.
11/01/06 Timshell Farm is now a Silver Sponsor of the IBBA convention. Our thanks to Steve & Linda Rogers for their generosity.
11/01/06 Minutes for the Board Meeting of 12 June have now been added to the Board Meeting Minutes page in the Members Section. We apologize for their earlier omission.
10/31/06 Board minutes for 12 October are now available under Board Meeting Minutes in the Members Section.
10/31/06 Four new Bronze sponsors of the forthcoming IBBA convention - Paul and Mia Nelson of Outhouse Exhibit Services; Dreamtime Adventures, makers of beautiful handmade butterfly wings; Kathryn Bedat of Kathryn's Garden; and Amour du Plessis of Rainbow's End Butterfly Farm & Nursery. Again, our grateful thanks go to all our sponsors.
10/27/06 We have three new sponsors of the forthcoming IBBA convention - Butterfly World (Corporate Sponsor) Barbara Bosco of BBosco Designs (Gold Sponsor) and Winni Dabrowski of Great Oak Butterfly and Cut Flower Farm (Bronze Sponsor). We thank them all for their generosity.
10/24/06 There being seven accepting nominees for the seven available Board posts, the 2007 Board Election is declared a "slate" and no ballot is required. Details are on the Election page in the Members Section. The 2007 Board members are listed on the Board and Offices page.
10/20/06 Board Elections - another Nominee "Biography" has been added.
10/17/06 See the Permitting Corner - International Shipping page for regulations concerning the importation of butterflies to the UK (with introduction by Nigel Venters).
10/17/06 Lynda Gougler of Sunshine Mountain Farms is a new Bronze Sponsor of the 2006 IBBA Convention.
10/14/06 See the Latest News section on the main Convention page for an update from Zane.
10/14/06 Chris Singer of the Live Monarch Foundation is a new Bronze Sponsor of the IBBA Convention, with a generous donation of over $100 worth of rearing cages and sleeves.
10/14/06 An amendment has been made to the IBBA Membership - Return On Your Investment. The following sentence has been added to the rules for use of the IBBA Logo: "As a term of membership, members agree to display the logo on their websites and in publications in a positive manner that reflects pride and respect for the IBBA."
10/14/06 More nominees added to the Board Election page in the Members Section
10/14/06 Two links added to the Articles Archive: "Nebraska Tagging Event" - ButterfliZ of Iowa (Kathleen Ziemer) was pleased and proud to be part of this event. "Raising butterflies leads to full-time business" - Zane Greathouse and the Greathouse Butterfly Farm in the Starkville Daily News
10/02/06 The first Board Election Nominee background information is now available in the Board Election section in the Members Section. More "bio's" will be added as they are received.
09/19/06 Jon Timko has produced an excellent IBBA brochure, "Magic in Motion", for members to download and print out. Two versions are available on the Member Download Links page.
09/19/06 A spreadsheet showing membership of the Board of Directors since 1998 is available from the Board Archive page.
09/17/06 "Festival promotes protection of nature" - a link to this article about IBBA member Heather Tokas has been added to the Articles Archive.
09/17/06 IBBA Board Elections for 2007 are now under way. Details are on the Board Elections page in the Members Section.
09/04/06 Board Minutes for 31 July have been added to the Board Minutes section
09/04/06 Two IBBA members article links added to the Articles Archive
-- "Butterflies are free in farm lesson" - article about Cornelius, Pat & Amour du Plessis of The Rainbow's End Butterfly Farm, with introduction.
-- "From bugs to butterflies" - link to Farm & Dairy Online article about Fran LeMasters and All a Flutter Butterfly Farm.
09/04/06 New in Members' Mutterings: a cartoon sent in by Heather Tokas.
09/04/06 Committee List updated
09/04/06 Wings of Hope Calendar of Events updated.
09/04/06 The Membership Distribution Maps have been updated to 31 August, 2006.
09/04/06 International Shipping section added to Permitting Corner.
09/02/06 Dale McClung is the new IBBA Press and Media Contact. Contact details can be found at the foot of the Home Page and the About the IBBA page.
08/30/06 Two additions to the Wings of Hope section: the Wings of Hope Inc. application for IRS recognition as a 501 C 3 organization; and a letter of thanks and a video clip from the recent Butterflies For Connor release.
08/20/06 New in the Healthy Butterflies: Diseases & Prevention section: Amanda Lawrence's suggested list for a starter set for DIY microscope slides.
08/18/06 New in the Healthy Butterflies: Diseases & Prevention section: Prevention and Management of Diseases of Insects - a paper by Dr. Frank Davis and his research assistant Amanda Lawrence. This paper teaches us how to start up a colony with disease-free livestock and how to recognize and prevent disease in our rearing operations.
08/17/06 New in the Healthy Butterflies: Diseases & Prevention section: Chip's Tips - advice on O.e. and Nosema from Dr. Orley "Chip" Taylor of Monarch Watch.
08/17/06 We are pleased to announce two new Bronze Sponsors for the 2006 IBBA Annual Convention: The Butterfly Boutique and Butterflies 'n' Bugs.
08/02/06 New in the Ask a Mentor section, Raising Mourning Cloaks in a Barrel - by the late Patrick Ogletree.
08/01/06 Board Meeting Minutes for July 10 are now in the Minutes section.
07/29/06 The IBBA Policy Regarding Use of Mailing Lists by Competing Organizations is now available from the FAQ page or under About the IBBA ~ Code of Ethics, Bylaws, Policies etc. ~ Mailing List Policy in the main menu.
07/28/06 New in Members Mutterings: "An Irish Folk story:  Why People Collect Butterflies" (item supplied by Linda Rogers)
07/28/06 New in the Healthy Butterflies: Diseases & Prevention section: a paper on the Nuclear Polyhedrosis virus by IBBA Advisory Board member Dr. Frank Davis, together with a stained slide supplied by from Amanda Lawrence, both from MS State U..
07/28/06 New in the Healthy Butterflies: Diseases & Prevention section: Using Meconia to Detect Infections - a paper recommended by Dr. Frank Davis.
07/28/06 Monarch Disease Control, a former Ask a Mentor paper by Jacob Groth, has been added to the Healthy Butterflies: Diseases & Prevention section.
07/19/06 Board meeting minutes are now up to date to June 19.
07/17/06 More info on the forthcoming IBBA Convention has been added to the Convention Section. This includes registration details and the registration form, and entry information for the photo competition.
07/17/06 "One Tank Trip: Bear Mountain Butterflies" - an article about IBBA member Mari Gruber, on WFMZ-TV Online. Follow the link in the Articles Archive. Thanks to Jodi Hopper for providing the link .
07/17/06 The June Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss report are now available in the Budget & Financial Statements page in the Members Section.
07/17/06 Felicia Tappan has supplied a handy diagram showing how to make a triangular release box. Find it under Ask a Mentor in the Members Section.
07/07/06 Each year the IBBA Board of Directors invites selected people to become IBBA Advisory Board or Honorary Members. Brief biographies about these individuals have now been added to the Advisory Board and Honorary Members pages.
07/07/06 An article about Kathleen Ziemer and ButterfliZ of Iowa has been added to the Articles Archive.
07/06/06 New on the Nosema page: a PDF article on Microsporidia - of which Nosema is one. This article by Dr. Peter Ebling was provided to us through IBBA Advisory Board member Dr. Frank Davis. Dr. Davis says "It is a great article and really fits the need of butterfly rearers as they try to deal with Nosema."

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