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June-July 2002

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07/31/02 An addition to the discounts available to members in the IBBA Members' Co-op Store: The Nature Pavilion Gift Shop is offering IBBA members a 10% discount across the board on its 400+ items. Details are in the Store under "Discounted Products and Services offered directly from IBBA Members".
07/29/02 Earlier this year Melanie McCarthy wrote to USDA detailing her concerns over a number of permit-related issues. She has now had a reply from Dr Michael J. Firko, Assistant Director of USDA's Plant Health Programs division. You can read it in the Articles and Letters section of the Political Activities & Articles Archive.
07/23/02 Earlier this year the IBBA, The Monarchy Butterfly Farm and Butterflies & Blueberries, Inc. jointly sponsored the American Cancer Society's 2002 Relay For Life event. 200 butterflies were donated between the two breeders. Read the ACS' letter of thanks on the Wings of Hope - Articles and Photographs page.
07/22/02 Looking for a greenhouse or coldframe for your butterflies? A new entry in the IBBA Co-op Store's Business Referral section could be just what you are looking for.
07/19/02 Anonymous mutterings have reached us that some members are so keen to get the best seats at the IBBA Convention, they have started out on their journey already! See the disturbing evidence on the Members' Mutterings page!
07/15/02 A nice article has appeared concerning IBBA member Nancy Hobart. Entitled "Butterflies are born to be free", (subtitle: "Nancy Hobart raises butterflies just to let them go",) the link is in the "Political Activities & Articles Archive" section ... "Articles, Letters & Links" page ... and look under "Media articles and other links".
07/14/02 Two Ask a Mentor topics for the price of one!
Gary Geer recently posted findings from his experiments on artificially growing A. Currasavica. With his permission we have now copied this as an Ask a Mentor topic. Included are some of Gary's photographs demonstrating his method.
Dan Greathouse has supplied some construction details of the Greathouse Travelling Exhibit. Photos of this exhibit have previously been posted in the IBBA Butterfly Gardens & Exhibits page.
07/13/02 Until now, "What's New?" links over approximately one month old have been deleted. They will now be retained on a "What's New?" Archive page. The link is at the foot of the "What's New?" section.
07/12/02 More business referrals added to the IBBA Members Co-op Store under headings "Artificial Diets", "Cups", and "Butterfly Nets & Misc"
07/11/02 A new business referral link in the IBBA Members Co-op Store - Button Quail, recommended by several members for natural (and cute!) pest control.
07/11/02 The World and US Membership Distribution Maps have been updated to 11 July. Previous maps are still available for comparison.
07/11/02 Rick Mikula states his case for making his Grandfather's Grandfather the Patron Saint of Butterfly Releases. And as it's Rick, you know it must be true... Read all about it in the Members Section under "Members' Mutterings".
07/11/02 Visit the IBBA Annual Convention page for links to agenda and booking information for two seminars that are being run this year in association with the Convention itself.
07/10/02 Following the success of the IBBA video "The Beauty of Butterflies and You!", several short clips from the forthcoming CD version are being made available to IBBA members for downloading and display on their own websites. Click on Video Clips in the Members Section menu.
07/09/02 Thanks to some hard work by Jon Timko, the "The Return on Your Investment" page has now been updated. Read this to find out just some of the benefits you will receive in return for your IBBA Dues.
07/05/02 New in the About the IBBA section is a report outlining the Mission, Goals and Accomplishments of the IBBA. The report, entitled IBBA Develops the Industry, can also be downloaded in Rich Text Format.
07/05/02 The IBBA Board of Directors has awarded a 2002 "Special Recognition Award" to IBBA Webmaster Paul Chesterfield.
07/01/02 On the IBBA Butterfly Gardens & Exhibits page (About the IBBA section) we have some pictures of the The Greathouse Travelling Exhibit in Plano, Texas on Memorial weekend 2002.
06/29/02 An unusual Ask a Mentor topic this month, comprising some recent e-mail correspondence on the subjects of artificial nectar and overwintering Monarchs.
06/29/02 Three items added to the Butterfly Family Tips page:
Nigel Venters has supplied a design for a butterfly trap;
Edward Tsyrlin has a suggestion for building a butterfly cage using aluminium tubing;
Rick Mikula provides a link to a useful map showing which butterflies are found in each State.
06/25/02 The "Sterilization for Disease Prevention" section has been moved in the menu from "Butterfly releases - why it's OK" to "Special Reports & Information"
06/22/02 New on the Educational Presentations page: a number of presentation topics are offered by "Butterflies from Heather" in Western Virginia.
06/20/02 A price reduction! The IBBA's "Secrets of the Talking Butterflies" book is now even better value. Members can help support the IBBA by buying a copy from the IBBA Members Co-op Store.
06/18/02 The IBBA Annual Convention for 2002 will be held on 1st-3rd November in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Hotel information is now available. See the Convention page for details.
06/14/02 In the Articles and Letters area in the Political Activities & Articles Archive section, a letter from Senator John F. Kerry to Melanie McCarthy regarding concerns over the permitting process.
06/08/02 Educational presentations offered by IBBA members are now listed in the Butterfly Education Resources section (under Special Reports & Information in the menu) .

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