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May - Aug 2004

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08/27/04 The Public Relations and Business Development Committee are pleased to present Nigel Venters with an IBBA Special Committee Award for his long-time, ongoing and dedicated contributions to helping people learn about butterflies.
08/26/04 Last year Richard Breen and Jon Timko presented their IBBA Industry Survey and Industry Database Progress Report to the Board. Their report is now in the PA & Articles Archive in the Members Section.
08/26/04 A new section has been created in the PA & Articles Archive in the Members Section, to hold documents relating to the issue of East-West Monarchs and USDA Regulations. Documents will be added to this section as they become available.
08/23/04 A new Ask a Mentor article by Nigel Venters: Overwintering Monarchs in the Fridge
08/23/04 The Membership Distribution Maps have been updated.
08/21/04 A Daily Digest option for the Butterfly Family Discussion List is now available again. The Butterfly Family List page has been updated to include this option.
08/17/04 Our thanks to Dale Clark for permitting us to copy his Zeba Longwing subspecies identification page. The link is under Note 3 on the Release Matrix ("Which butterflies can be released where?") page.
08/17/04 More links to recent butterfly release articles have been added to the Articles Archive. Thanks as always to Jon Timko for posting these to the IBBA Mailing List.
08/17/04 The Butterfly Release Matrix page has been updated to include reference to the New York State regulation change ealier this year.
08/17/04 Calendar of Events page updated.

The IBBA Annual Convention will this year be held in Gainesville, Florida, from Friday 3rd - Sunday 5th December. For further details please visit the Convention page.

07/25/04 The Second Quarter Financial Report is now available on the Budget & Financial Reports page.
07/23/04 The May Board Meeting Minutes are now available in the Members Section.
07/23/04 More links to butterfly release articles have been added to the Articles Archive. Thanks to Jon Timko for posting these to the IBBA Mailing List.
07/10/04 Two new items from Nigel Venters in the Ask a Mentor section, an idea for a foam pupa shipper, and a beginners guide to hand-pairing.
07/10/04 New in Members Mutterings: some ideas on Conflict Resolution!
07/04/04 The IBBA Board Orientation Manual has now been posted to the Board and Offices page. This manual provides guidance for new and prospective Board members. It will also help members to understand how policies are made and to understand the specific roles and responsibilities of the Board to its Membership.
07/04/04 New in the Ask a Mentor section, we have two documents available to download: "Companion Planting" and "Propagation for Beginners".
07/04/04 More links to butterfly release articles have been added to the Articles Archive. Thanks to Jon Timko for posting these to the IBBA Mailing List.

The Board of Directors of the IBBA is pleased to announce that Rick Mikula has accepted the position of President of the IBBA. The Board also welcomes Dale McClung who has stepped in to fill a vacanct Director post. Full details can be found on the Board and Offices page..

06/22/04 The first quarter Financial Reports for 2004 are now available in the Members Section.
06/22/04 Board Meeting Minutes for March and April 2004 are now available in the Members Section.
06/22/04 Renowned Monarch expert Dr Orley "Chip" Taylor of Monarch Watch recently issued a statement about butterfly releases, Read it in the Butterfly Releases, Why It's OK section.
06/22/04 Dr Jaret Daniels joins the IBBA Advisory Board for 2004.
06/09/04 IBBA Members are invited to join the new Butterfly Breeders Formal Charities Committee discussion group. See the Committee List page for more.
06/05/04 From time to time the IBBA Board of Directors or Committee Chairs may nominate individuals for special awards in recognition of meritorious work on behalf of the IBBA, or of actions that uphold and promote the ideals, goals and ethics of the IBBA. These awards have now been gathered together HERE.
06/05/04 Two new Ask a Mentor articles: a useful tip on Larvae and Egg Shippers by Linda Rogers, and from Jon and Cindy Timko a pictorial instruction on how to create a two-butterfly release envelope.
06/05/04 More additions to the Committes and Charges page.
06/05/04 Several new links to Butterfly Release articles have been added to the Articles Archive.
05/12/04 The Committes and Charges page has now been updated to show the cirrently active committees. We are always looking for more volunteers to help out on committee work, so if you are a member and can spare some time to participate please use the form on the Committee page to register your interest.
05/09/04 Following prolonged discussion with IBBA, New York State Dept of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) has reversed their policy banning butterfly releases. Details are in the Permitting Corner section.
05/09/04 Some recent correspondence on nectar additives has been added as a Bonus Item in the Ask a Mentor section.
05/09/04 Please visit the The About the IBBA section and read IBBA President Velma Begley's new Message from The President. Velma's message is addressed to IBBA Members, prospective members and non-members alike, and describes just some of the benefits that come with IBBA membership.
05/07/04 Another addition to the IBBA Members Co-op Store, Amy Atwood is now offering her butterfly cages. Measuring 3' long by 12" diameter and in a range of colors, they are a useful addition to any breeder's equipment.
05/05/04 New in the IBBA Members Co-op Store, Kelly Travers is offering members some very nice Single Release Boxes. Visit the "Discount Products and Services" page for more.

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