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October-November 2002

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11/30/02 IBBA's "Our Story" document has been updated. Members may view and download it in the Articles Archive in the Members Section.
11/30/02 Another two sets of Convention photos (on the 'Convention' and 'People' photo pages). Thanks to Anne Collins and Penny Wilson for supplying these.
11/25/02 The results of the IBBA 2003 Board elections have now been informally announced to members and have been posted to the
IBBA Board Elections page. Formal acceptance of the results will take place at the forthcoming Annual Members' Meeting.
11/19/02 Banquet and other Convention pictures,by Melanie McCarthy.
11/17/02 A partial list of Convention attendees is now available in the Convention section. This list only shows those attendees who have agreed to have their names included.
11/16/02 More Convention pictures added, these supplied by Nigel Venters.
11/15/02 There are now three PowerPoint presentations from the IBBA 2002 Convention, converted to web pages in the Ask a Mentor section. These are:
Making and Using a Butterfly Trap - by Nigel Venters
The Seed Swap Table - by Grace Sipowicz and Linda Rogers.
Photographing Butterflies - by Paul Chesterfield.
Please note that Internet Explorer is required to view PowerPoint-based web presentations, and owing to their high graphic content they may be slow to download.
11/14/02 Details of the Final Ballot for the IBBA Board Elections have been posted to the Board Elections page
11/14/02 The first photos from the 2002 IBBA Annual Convention in Niagara Falls are now in the Convention section.
11/14/02 The full IBBA Election Policy is now available in the
About the IBBA section.
11/09/02 Nominees for expiring Board posts are listed on the Board Elections page in the Members Section. Nominees must signify their acceptance of nomination by 11/11/02.
11/09/02 Following a request on the IBBA Mailing List, a single link on the Board and Offices page will now launch a blank e-mail addressed to all Board members.

If you attended the Convention and are a non-resident of Canada, you may be entitled to a refund of goods and services tax / harmonized sales tax (GST/HST). See the Convention page for a link to a downloadable Application for Visitor Tax Refund form.

10/26/02 An addition to the Convention Banquet program: Norm Lightfoot, a noted Canadian videographer, will be speaking and showing some of his butterfly video footage.
10/21/02 The finalised Convention Program is now available HERE.
10/18/02 The missing end page from the AgVentures article (see 10/13 entry below) has now been reinstated. Apologies for any confusion!
10/15/02 The IBBA Convention is nearly upon us, and we are appealing (oh yes we are!) for donated items to include in our fund-raising auction, which will be held during the Saturday evening Banquet. Donated items can be large or small, goods, services, livestock or whatever you can spare. Details HERE.
10/13/02 New in the Political Activities & Articles Archive section, "Profit Beautifully with Butterflies" - AgVentures article, September 2002 - includes interviews with Rick Mikula and Melanie McCarthy.
10/08/02 It is time to begin nominations for the 2003 Board! The elections will take place the week of November 18th. Details are on the Board Elections page in the Members Section.
10/07/02 Jim Kupcho puts out an excellent newsletter: "Monarchs, N.J.". In the October issue he explains how he changed his views on butterfly releases from being against to being in favor. Read his thoughts on the subject (and find a link to more of his newsletters) HERE.
10/05/02 New in the Political Activities & Articles Archive section we have an important document called "Our Story". This document is being sent to selected senators and members of the media.

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