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Sep - Dec 2004

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12/31/04 Click HERE for our new butterfly-related merchandise and services page. This page is for non-livestock items and complements the existing Butterflies, Where to Buy? page.  

The Election results have been announced. Details are on the Board Elections page. The Board & Offices page has been updated to show the new Board.


The ballot for the 2005 Board is now closed. The election results will be announced later this week.Members please refer to the 2005 Board Elections page for further details.

12/18/04 More convention photos added, these were supplied by Velma Begley.
12/18/04 An IBBA Board of Directors archive page is now available. This page lists past Boards and their primary officers since IBBA was incorporated in 1998.
12/17/04 The IBBA Election Ballot is now open. Members please refer to the 2005 Board Elections page for voting instructions.
12/16/04 A special photo of IBBA President Rick Mikula, taken at the recent convention, has been added to the Members Mutterings page. He certainly gets my vote...
12/16/04 More media articles posted to the mailing lists by Jon Timko have been added to his page in the Articles Archive.
12/15/04 Correspondence from IBBA Attorney Stephen G. Roche on the matters of our Bylaws, confidentiality, closed session and privacy issues has been added to the Member Care page. This document summarizes the basis for the formation of the Monitoring Panel as created and presented to the Members by President Rick Mikula.
12/14/04 The first convention photos are now available on the Convention Photos page.
12/13/04 Board Election Nominees were offered the opportunity to outline their views on the direction the IBBA should follow. Their comments can be found in the Election section.
12/13/04 In December of 2004, Rick Mikula assumed the responsibilities of USDA and Regulatory Officials' Liaison. In this role, Rick will be our official contact with all USDA officials as well as other regulatory officials in the industry.
12/08/04 The IBBA Inc. Progess Report for 2004 is now available in the Political Activities & Articles Archive section.
12/08/04 The Election Nomination Period is now closed. Nominees are listed on the Election page.
12/05/04 The Convention registration pages have been moved to the Website Archives. Photos and reports from the convention will be added to the main convention page as they arrive.
11/30/04 November butterfly article links provided by Jon Timko have been added to his links page in the Articles Archive.
11/30/04 Discussion topics from the Butterfly Gardening 101 workshop are now available as a Special Bonus Item in the Ask a Mentor section.
11/30/04 The revised Convention Agenda is now available in the Annual Convention section.
11/22/04 Elections for the 2005 IBBA Board of Directors are now under way. Nominations are now invited to fill the five available posts. Members should visit the Board Elections page in the Members Section for details.
11/14/04 Board Meeting Minutes for June, July and August 2004 have now been added to the Board Minutes section.
11/09/04 The "Members and Their Farms - Listed By State" page now lists in order of Country, then State.
10/25/04 The convention agenda is now available in the Convention section.
10/18/04 More links to recent butterfly release articles have been added to the Articles Archive. Thanks as always to Jon Timko for posting these to the IBBA Mailing List.
10/18/04 Registration details and the registration form are now available in the Convention section.
10/13/04 The Convention page has been updated with the latest information.
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